About European Migration Network Bulgaria

The Migration Directorate with the Ministry of Interior has been designated as the Bulgarian National Contact Point (NCP) to the European Migration Network. The Bulgarian EMN NCP also includes one representative of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and one representative of the State Agency for Refugees with the Council of Ministers. They are respectively responsible for labour migration and integration and for asylum and refugees. Until 2022, the Migration Directorate was regularly concluding two-year grant agreements with the European Commission determining the BG EMN NCP operational budget and the Work Programme. Since 2023, these agreements will be implemented on a three-year basis.

The BG EMN NCP Work Programme for each year is drawn up depending on the EMN Work Programme at the EU level and includes the following main activities: preparing studies (general and focus) on topics in the field of migration and asylum; providing answers to Member States’ ad-hoc queries (as a tool to quickly gather comparable information); compiling annual national policy reports (including analysis and statistics); disseminating information materials on migration policies and processes in the Member States; participating in the preparation of informs and editions of the EMN quarterly.

The activities of the BG EMN NCP also include preparing and updating a multilingual glossary containing terms in the field of migration and asylum; updating the country information in the EU Immigration Portal; working and cooperating both with other NCPs and with different institutions and organisations at the national and EU level; preparing and disseminating educational materials on migration issues and policies; holding national conferences and workshops on migration and asylum issues.